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designchangeShaping the Transformation

Building a Culture of Solutions, Stability and New Growth!

We help companies to build teams that successfully solve problems with digital processes. With dedicated coaching and training, you will ignite growth with agile methods and develop innovative products and services that clients need and love.

Book your individual, virtual Design Thinking workshop! As a mini-course or comprehensive with several modules according to your needs and criteria.

New: Legal Design Thinking for Legal Professionals. Live online workshops with expert moderation

  • Design the transformation of your company with new collaboration structures
  • Implement agile strategies and value principles to make work more efficient
  • Learn how to promote and measure the impact of the digital mindset change
  • Consolidate and differentiate your market position with structured coaching and training

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What we doDesigning successful and future-oriented product development processes

We have the expertise to show you how to get future-ready with self-organizing teams, growth mindset change, New Work, agile methods, product development, customer research.

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Our approachLearn faster, more efficiently and better than the competition

Together we'll develop strategies for your business case, combining agile methods, design sprints and coaching. Karla has a deep skill set and a broad network of awesome experts that she loves to work with.

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Our ConvictionDigital Transformation is more than a tech topic

We’ll show you why authentic people-centered values and principles form the foundation for successful New Work and how the transfer of these ideas into concrete actions can be carried out.

“It’s amazing with how few resources and in such a totally short time, we came up with great, creative ideas! The Design Thinking Workshop was a real eye opener.”

– Dr. I. von Helden/University of Koblenz-Landau

“Karla is always dedicated to 100% and highly creative in joint development of new perspectives in private and professional environments. I highly appreciate Karla's work.”

– U. Pott Telecommunications/New Work

“The team was enthusiastic and we have real concrete results! We will certainly let Karla coach us on other things as well.”

– B. Strecker, executive. Head of Communication/Customer Information Passenger Mobility Köln

Our Reference BookBuilding block of your success

The core of the reference book „The Dynamic Company“ is a holistic picture of cultural change in our digital age. The German-American author Karla Schlaepfer and Martin Welz are among the experts for Growth Mindset and agile change processes.

Here an excerpt from a Management Journal book review:

“The challenges for enterprises lie primarily in the areas of corporate culture and the organization of the company (How do we work together?) and the development of new products and services together with customers. Here Schlaepfer and Welz go into depth on topics like prototyping, agile ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘New Work’. They analyze, describe and inspire a picture of ideal innovative enterprise with the help of numerous scientific findings, expert discussions and interviews, and practical examples. They draw up the perfect role-model for innovation and even when you know that this level of idealistic perfection can probably not be reached, it can be considered as a kind of orientation....Conclusion: Schlaepfer and Welz ask the important questions in their book and also give the right answers.”

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