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Karla was born and raised in Southern California

Hi, I am Karla, agile coach, Scrum Master and Design Thinker—Strategist based in Cologne.

I help leaders and teams, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies to create extraordinary products and services with teams that perform. Whether you are looking for an experienced coach for Team Alignment, Design Thinking or a Design Sprint at the start of your innovation process or consulting in Scrum and /or agile culture processes, I can ensure that everything you do is truly customer oriented resulting in happier users and more profit.

For me, the customers I work with are unique, which is why I tailor my approach to you and the needs of your business. The result is satisfied customers, effective outcomes and efficient processes, all geared to achieving the best possible result for each individual project.

Work with me to find out what is necessary to encourage innovative behaviour and a mindset shift. What do people need to solve problems in novel and efficient ways? As an expert in innovation and creativity as well as a certified systemic coach, I will can guide you adn your team along the learning journey of experimentation, adapting, prototyping and testing. Depending on your needs, industry and sector, I can support you individually or with my design change network of specialists as a team.

Go to my expertise page to learn more about who I work with. Read the case study @Deutschlandfunk (in German) for deeper insights and the daily steps of a Design Sprint project. On the Expertise page, you will also find references to books and articles I’ve written, as well as some cool videos and original music composition

Are you interested in finding out more? It would be awesome to start a conversation with you!

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LEAD Incubator and Startup Accelerator (LISA) founded by Stanford Graduate School of Business is an ecosystem for Innovators and Startup founders. It is the first hybrid platform for incubating ideas to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and scaling ventures globally. In 2021, I worked pro-bono with an international start-up team leveraging elements of Design Thinking to develop their product. This clip was made for me in recognition for my time and support.