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DesignChange with🍃 Virtual RealityThrough the looking glass Welcome to the Christmas🎄edition of DesignChange newsletter.

By Karla Schlaepfer
Newsletter, Design Thinking, Virtual Reality

Insights for Design(ing)Change. Move towards new perspectives to learn and add value - get yourself a swanky VR headset under the X-mas tree!

Dear friends and partners,

What are the uses of virtual reality (VR)?🤔😁

Virtual reality is a digitally simulated 3D environment. It can be used to explore and interact with virtual surroundings and people in a way that feels real. Collaborating, interviewing, training, workshopping, and testing critical situations before - they become acute –are some of the VR soft-skill use cases in learning and development.

Trying out new tech can feel rough. But without irritation no learning is possible. At the same time, creating safe spaces in the discomfort zone is essential. An experienced coach can help.

„Instead of reading about Virtual Reality in articles, it is much more enlightening to experience the metaverse. Karla guided us through this digital universe, and we felt safe and well-prepared. Her introduction and the support during the session were truly helpful.“

— Jutta Löwe, Data Security Expert

Read below about how 20 lawyers started their exploration for value in Virtual Reality.

What do you need to start or finish this holiday season? Start to make time for self-care. Value is unlocked by starting. Remember even a five-minute workout or a short walk 🚶🏽‍♀️can reset your mood and benefit a joyful mind and body.

Merry Christmas everyone 🪂 and thank you for reading!

Karla and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team

  1. VR Upskilling 🤩 and guidance with 20 participants in a big DEEP experiment! Meeting in the Metaverse; combing content and practical experience.
  2. New Use Cases for Virtual Reality Workshop. Instant Design Thinking Sprint 🚤
  3. Who says lawyers are old-fashioned? Read my Change interview in Agile Change collective White Paper by Liquid Legal Institute e.V. and be amazed 😉
  4. ‘I manage. You change.’ Most people turn to fight-or-flight mode when change is forced upon them. Special WEF leadership post addressing the real change factor: Humans
  5. Grateful😊 and proud 🎉 I was placed in the 93.4 percentile by my digital coaching clients in the 2. Q. based on 5 different rating criteria. I 💕 Coaching!

Tip for the Season

Leadership starts with self-leadership. Emotional management. Especially in stressful times it is so vital to take care that your own battery remains charged. Self-care is an important cornerstone to building your 💪🏽resilience.

Learn a few simple tips on how to re-charge - during the holidays and into the New Year – with this high-voltage poster!