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Newsletter AprilApril free Design Thinking course

By Karla Schlaepfer
newsletter, design thinking, remote design sprint, agility

Dear all,

The last weeks have been hard for all of us. Many are trying to be positive and cope with the situation as best as we can. There are creative solutions that can help; from the outpouring of webinars on everything, grocery shopping for the elderly, to the inventive cottage industry which jumped into a niche and is now actively sewing and selling fanciful protective masks.

While there is a lot of uncertainty, and so much about the future that are unknown right now, the fog bank currently blocking our view does not mean that the sky has fallen, or the sun will never shine again. It will.

We need to continue relax some, to think about, plan for, and invest in the future. It’s still coming.

This newsletter addresses ways to learn new skills for the future with free information, a great short video on how to de-stress in a few minutes and an engaging TedTalk on a key factor in agility here in a presentation entitled “Adaptability”.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy and well,

Karla Schlaepfer and DesignChange Team

Take IDEO’s Design Thinking course for free!

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation anchored in understanding customer’s needs, rapid prototyping, and generating creative ideas. More relevant than ever!

IDEO is offering offer their Design Thinking online learning experience to as many people as they can with a special free course offer. This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts. Sign up today to take advantage of this free April offer.

Google Design Sprint bestselling Author Jake Knapp goes Remote

Jake and his co-authors cranked out a complete guide for how to handle video, whiteboards, voting, facilitation, interviews, and pretty much everything else in a remote Design Sprint. They are sharing this for free on their website. I’ve had a peek and it’s awesome! This is a comprehensive how-to on what you need to conduct remote Design Sprints successfully.

Need a breather? Conscious Breathing Can Help Us Manage Stress. Here’s How.

Morning mediation is great. It helps create a sense of focus for the rest of the day. Thrive Global posts a large variety of content on mental wellness several times a week. The information you’ll find there is compact and often backed by science. Like in this short video(2 mins) that shows how to recharge and treat yourself to a short breather. Try it

Awesome Start: Global Virtual Design Sprint!

Like many solo entrepreneurs, my contracts have nosedived. I have time to learn new, hopefully useful, things for my life and work now and the future. One of my projects is participating in the Global Virtual Design Sprint. I’m swimming hard to keep up with the experienced digital design wizards. Here two reports on what I’ve experienced so far, one in English and the other in German.

Ted Talk on Adaptability. A Key Skill for Uncertain Times

Take some good looks, a large portion of a Design Thinking approach with “what if” questions, add a portion of business VC know-how from a start-up insider, and you have 6 minutes of a worthwhile TedTalk with some food for thought.

I’m excited to be working on a paper with two smart lawyers from the Legal Liquid Institute on “Legal Remote Work – what lawyers need to know”. Stay tuned for more next month!