Awesome Start: Global Virtual Design Sprint!

So much of the way we work is suddenly remote.

Now is the right time to lean more first hand. Is remote team work here to stay?

I’m participating e in Robert Skrobe’s Global Virtual Design Sprint and doing a deep dive into using virtual tools in a Design Sprint with a remote team. This is not only as a virtual Sprint exercise to practice the digital tools. Founder and creator Robert put cross-functional teams together to help us generate outcomes that can potentially continue after the Sprint and be developed into a business model. There are challenges concerning the COVID-19 and lots of others.

Yesterday, Day 1. Meet the team. Wow! Over 100 experts from all over the globe

There are 12 people on my “turtle mine” Team and we’re using Basecamp to communicate, Mural to visualize and organize our workflow.

Our team’s challenge is to design products and services for „Remote and Blending learning“ for training? or education or schools? We haven’t explored or refined our challenge yet. We’ll start with this on Monday. Lots more to come. Looking forward to it!