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🌷 What does the month of May have to do with mental health?Prioritize Your Mind 💡: The Key to Happiness at Work and Beyond 🌟

By Karla Schlaepfer
Professional Coaching, Leadership Development, Newsletter

Dear Friends and DesignChange Partners,

Since 1949, we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Stigmas are sinking. Mental health at work is gaining visibility and this is good and necessary 🔍

As a professional coach, I focus on cultivating a healthy, positive mindset that not only enhances my business clients’ work environment but enriches their lives through better resilience.

In this DesignChange issue, you’ll find tips for combatting job dissatisfaction; learn to cultivate happiness at work. Explore the potent insights of Hogan Personality Assessments for leaders. A dip into the dynamic roles of coaching and AI (video).

Plus, how to effectively set boundaries for better mental energy and a tip for an AI accountability partner that can upgrade your productivity.

Appreciate your attention, thanks for reading!

Karla Schlaepfer and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team

By the way

Did you know I collect testimonials from happy clients – hier auf Deutsch? Also, on my DesignChange website as over 250 blog articles like this one on Resilience.

Inspiring Insights and Information

Tip of the Month

Germany’s Study Pavilion is named Europe’s best new building in 2024!

Is this a reason to visit Braunschweig? 😉

Coaching Edge

Elevating Your Career and Mindset Through Targeted Guidance. Executive coaching enhances thought leadership and emotional intelligence. Coaching sharpens communication skills and influencing abilities, crucial for effective presentations and interactions with peers and boards. Plus, it empowers self-reliance, and resilience by increasing self-awareness. Helping leaders to identify and evaluate options, and craft their own individual leadership path, rather than prescribing solutions. 💪📈

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