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What is important about the Hogan Personality Profile?How it works. Voices. One-page Overview 🔍

By Karla Schlaepfer
Hogan Personality Profile, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

The Hogan Personality Assessments are a powerful suite of comprehensive online tools for uncovering and interpreting behaviors in the workplace. These tools provide concrete and significant support for leadership and personal development.

The focus is on increasing individual strategic self-awareness and recognizing one’s own reputation. Potential (HPI), risks under stress (HDS), as well as values (MVPI), are identified that significantly influence behavior and decision-making in the workplace. Based on this, a concrete development plan can be defined and implemented by a Hogan accredited coach.

You’ll find a one-page overview of the Hogen Leadership Personality Profiles here.

As an accredited Hogan coach, I regularly use the assessments to help my clients identify attitudes, patterns and styles of leading and use these as a catalyst for positive change☀️

What others say

“As a leader, it’s crucial to understand how others perceive you. The Hogan Forecast series offered a comprehensive view of my leadership behaviors and motivations. Karla’s expertise in translating these insights into actionable strategies has been instrumental in fostering a more collaborative and effective team dynamic.

— Markus K., Head of Marketing

“I _initially underestimated the impact of personality assessments on leadership effectiveness. However, the Hogan Assessments, combined with Ms Schlaepfer’s leadership coaching, provided a roadmap for personal and professional development. I’ve gained clarity on my leadership strengths and areas for growth, leading to tangible improvements in team engagement and performance.”

— Anna L., Director of Operations at Regional Retail Chain

Are you a leader who might benefit from more strategic awareness and a development plan? Then reach out to me for an introductory call to discuss the Hogan Personality suite of assessments and find out what is right for you 🤗!

Karla Schlaepfer