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Virtual Reality (VR) for Coaching and Training

Key Concept

VR empowers teams everywhere to maximize their collaboration potential and to learn in an immersive and exciting new way. Not just for gaming(!) but for training and in coaching, Virtual Reality can be used as a powerful change instrument.

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In a nutshell

What is it? Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to make a simulated or virtual environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside the experience. This means instead of viewing a screen in front of you, you the user, are immersed in the scene and able to move, talk and interact in 3D worlds and with objects.

What to expect? Like on any other pioneering mission into unknown territories, the focus on VR Pioneers is on exploration. This is an offer to enter the New World of Virtual Reality within a safe space contained in a professional structure. Bring your open mindset, curiosity to learn new skills and be ready to try things out since navigating in VR requires a little practice. Before we embark on the session, the preparation kick-off will help you acquire the basic technological and navigational abilities you need to feel confid

Why use it? Virtual Reality (VR) offers collaborative workspaces beyond the constraints of current 2D (Zoom, Teams) online meetings. Combining the best in immersive 3D graphics and cloud computing technology, VR is a powerful technology for interactive remote meetings, training workshops, and professional coaching. The technology for virtual reality is developing fast and rapidly becoming more accessible. The price of the standalone VR glasses/googles continues to fall (it is rumored that Apple will soon launch their version). Estimates of a bright future with 30% growth in the virtual reality sector are foreseeable.

One participant reported:

“The VR Journey allows you to get a feeling of how it works, to test within a safe space – which is a great starter.”

Key Concept

Key Concept

VR Pioneers

Try out our “Journey to Virtual Reality spaces”

Try out our “Journey to Virtual Reality spaces”

These VR journey sessions are based on the series of “expeditions” into the virtual reality platforms Glue, Spatial, Engage and Horizon Workrooms carried out with Dr. Anita Lamprecht and Liquid Legal Institute e.V.

In the Metaverse, what we can see, hear and touch depends on the design of the platform. Dr. Lamprecht writes about this in her introduction to the Metaverse Summit.

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Join us for VR pioneer journeys to experience Virtual Reality immersion!

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60 Minute Lunchtime learning session

The Metaverse – Utopia or Opportunity for Better Collaboration?

In this 60-minute presentation, the basic premises and promises of virtual reality (VR) will be demonstrated and demystified from the perspective of critical enthusiasts!

In this 60-minute presentation, basic premises of what virtual reality (VR) and the Metaverse are, and what Zuckerberg’s Meta vision strives to become, will be explained and demystified. Several case studies will show how the metaverse is integrated into other areas of social interaction. A key focus will be on demonstrating how virtual reality can be used for future work; to connect people, in distributed teams’ collaboration and learning in virtual reality Examples of current VR training workshops and a brief look at how to set the stage for a successful design thinking offering in virtual space complete the presentation. Can be remote or on-site. Questions are welcome!

Working Collaboration and Meetings in Virtual Reality

How about inviting your team to a retrospective on the beach?

Virtual persistent spaces enable you to quickly select a VR space for your specific meeting use case.

Virtual persistent spaces enable you to quickly select a VR space for your specific meeting use case. How would the atmosphere of your remote meeting change when you meet in an elegant conference room overlooking the city or from a mountain venue? Agile meeting in the Scrum Lab?

It is easy to use the whiteboards, upload documents and share them on a large screen and use audio secure rooms to communicate privately with your colleagues. Depending on the VR platform a host of popular apps can be integrated.

Design Thinking Booster Workshop in Virtual Reality

Introduction to collaboration in Virtual Reality and Design Thinking in 1.5 hours

Introduction to collaboration in Virtual Reality and Design Thinking in 1.5 hours

Design Thinking is a dynamic method for the people-centered, structured design of products, services, and strategies. It is based on a multi-level, 5 phase process. Design Thinking is action-oriented problem solving; we spend time trying things out instead of long discussions. In this VR Design Thinking booster, participants work in pairs and follow clear signposts through the stations of the innovation method. Short user interviews, creative brainstorming, creating prototypes with the 3D sketching tool are some of the fun steps in this future work process using new technology that is revolutionizing how we collaborate remotely.

What’s included

Preparation and Kick-off for the Design Thinking Booster workshop include the following:

  • How to work with and in VR
  • Headsets set up, use and tips
  • Step-by-by guide to VR access and log-in procedure
  • Choose and design your avatar
  • Use and testing of teleporting (moving in VR space) 
  • Use and testing of tech (Wifi, microphone, bandwidth)
  • Troubleshooting

Learning in virtual reality is a pioneering opportunity to break new ground! Discover a new kind of immersive learning with a real impact. Use this learning in combination with Design Thinking. Design Thinking is much more than just a method for finding solutions to problems, it contains a set of techniques for disruptive innovation and encourages people to be bold, empathetic, and to think creatively. Synergistically VR and DT are an explosive match for future collaborative work!

Discover more about your teams’ step into the future, this way for more info!

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