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Is it Time to DesignChange together? Fresh Energy in June with Karla Schlaepfer

By Karla Schlaepfer
Newsletter, Design Thinking, Collaboration

Ta da 🥳 New website Coaching, Training and VR Skills

Dear DesignChange friends and partners,

The World Economic Forum 2022 set up a Global Collaboration Village with Virtual Reality. This VR village will continue to be developed over the coming months and years. The aim is to turn the Metaverse into a place where international cooperation can be strengthened. VR technology is a game-changer. I’m exploring changes for coaching and New Work collaboration, see below.

Despite the ever-growing popularity of workplace coaching, many still associate coaching with giving advice. Effective coaching, however, helps clients move toward self-awareness and find answers to their challenges themselves through nonjudgmental listening and partnering questions that open new pathways. Asking questions that invite behavior changes. Setting steps to get there. The value we deliver as professional coaches is rich and individual and full of appreciation for human growth.

As always, thanks for reading 😊

Karla and the awesome DesignChange Team

  1. I’ll be appearing as an avatar 💫to say a few words about New Work collaboration at the start of the Weblaw Metaverse Summit while Liquid Legal partner Dr. Anita Lamprecht opens the conference. Read here (in German) an introduction to virtual reality and the Metaverse Summit or better, join us at the conference! Avatars attend for free 😉

  2. Design Thinking - live!⚡🔥 Back to my most adored subject – human-centered collaboration with a bias for action and experimentation. Dream team for a team-building Design Thinking event with an international team flown into beautiful Düsseldorf expressly for the workshop. Is on-site still top? Reflections on the future of training and coaching for remote global teams.

  3. Prof. Daniel Goleman introduced the idea of Emotional Intelligence(EI) to the world. He explained why leaders must have the 5 critical skills that will enable them to maximize their own and others´ performance. Here is a Harvard Business School online journal summary of the EI concept in practice and outlining all its critical parts.

Fun 🔥Stuff

Ever wondered about your own leadership style? Try this quiz by Atlassian. Its fun and easy and you’ll get some answers about the vibes you give off to others and 7 core leadership styles.