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What if you could design legal contractsthat would improve the relationship you have with your clients, enhance their experience with your company and ultimately get more of them signed?

By Karla Schlaepfer
Design Thinking, Legal Tech, Event, Webinar

👉🏼The good news is you can, and it might be more tangible than you think!👈🏼

Our 3. webinar will highlight the benefits of using synergies of both LPM and design thinking frameworks.

Together with our guests lawyers Harald Evers and DirkTauber, we will discuss “why” the combination is the key. Plus how these synergies add value and systematic to approaching legal project work ⚖.

Our business case? Flexible contract design as an example for applying this human-centered approach to improve the client experience, get more contracts signed and map out innovative solutions with clear steps and easy tools⚡⚙

Join Roland Jungenkrüger and myself for another fun and informative gratis session!

Did you miss the first 2 webinars? No problem! That won’t impact your ability to get just as much value from this one!

👉 Register here!

The webinar will be 40 minutes.

In case you missed the first 2 webinars have a look at our recordings.

  • 👉🏼Webinar 1: Framing t problem
  • 👉🏼Webinar 2: Who are your stakeholders?

Karla Schlaepfer