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Surprising role of trust 😮Study shows the importance for combatting👉🏽COVID

By Karla Schlaepfer
Trust, Soft skills, Change

It is uncanny what trust does for us humans. Yes, it’s the vital ingredient to boost positive motivation and ignite better work performance, but👉🏽 check this; trust is instrumental in reducing the spread of Covid 19!

👉🏽The story:

Adam Taylor reported on a study investigating why the coronavirus hit 12️some countries so much harder than others.

👉🏽The researchers:

“We found no links between covid outcomes and democracy, populism, government effectiveness, universal health care, pandemic preparedness metrics, economic inequality or trust in science,” report the authors of this study in the peer-reviewed Lancet, a top medical journal.

What they did discover is that better outcomes appear to have gone hand in hand with high levels of trust in government AND other citizens. Researchers measured trust with polling data from the World Values Survey and Gallup.

👉🏽So, what countries showed up best?

Vietnam for example. New Zealand. The study estimated that if countries had the same level of trust in government as Denmark, 13 percent fewer people would have been infected with the coronavirus globally.

👉🏽Trust plays a decisive role, especially during times of transition and cultural change. The critical part that trust play in all forms of human interactions be it virtual, on-site or in VR is clear. Still, these results left me wondering about what we have learned and how we can leverage this for the post-pandemic world.

A trust leap is asking people to accept an unknown risk. If we break this down from the global stage to our work environment, how best to do this?

👉🏽 Tip:

One way I help build trust✨ in a group on their way to becoming a team is to first talk about why trust creates a “safe place”, where people feel good. Build trust as you go by using simple interventions like asking people to share a story with each other when something went wrong or not as planned. I’ve had lots of positive results 12when using 👉🏽Liberating Structures. For example, nr. 19, HSR (heard, seen, respected)

Mini-steps and group reflection are a good start to trusting conversations about how to make it okay to let go of over-control, share and learn together from a mistake.

It takes confidence and ease to carry this out well.

👉🏽What tips do you have for building trust? I’d love to hear from you.

Here is the link to the article with the lancet study.