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STOP! To remember 🤓 A super easy-to-use decision-making toolSTOP stands for: Sit, Think, Observe and Plan.

By Karla Schlaepfer
Coaching, Mindset, Method

Use this when you want to make good decisions that are thoughtful and will last.

STOP is an acronym that stands for “Sit, Think, Observe, and Plan.” It is a problem-solving and decision-making tool that can be used to help individuals 🫦 or teams effectively handle challenges and make better 🤯decisions.

Here is how each letter in the STOP acronym is typically defined:

👉🏻Sit. Take a moment to pause and calm yourself. This can help to reduce stress and allow you to think more clearly.

👉🏻Think. Reflect on the situation and consider your options. This may involve brainstorming or gathering input from others.

👉🏻Observe. Gather as much information as possible about the situation. This may involve looking for patterns or trends, analyzing data, or seeking feedback.

👉🏻Plan. Develop a clear and actionable plan for addressing the problem or making a decision. This may involve setting specific goals and establishing a timeline with milestones for achieving your objective.

Where did this tool come from? 🤷🏻‍♀️

One possible origin of the STOP method is in psychology, where it is sometimes used to help individuals manage stress and anxiety. The STOP method can also be used in a variety of contexts, including education, business, and personal development.

All in all, the STOP method is designed to help you approach challenges and decisions in a structured and proactive way, leading to better, more positive 🎉 outcomes.

If you find the STOP poster useful, it’s been made so you can print it out and place near your desk so you have it when you need it 😉

Reach out to me, Karla Schlaepfer (Founder DesignChange and PCC accredited coach) for a free 20-minute call, if you’d like to discuss more proactive ways of managing stress.