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The long-awaited e-book to help overcome the „silent epidemic” is finally here 🎉!

By Karla Schlaepfer
Coaching, Leadership, Design Thinking, Change

All good things take time 😉 Patience helps! And now the reward 🦋.

Professional coaching helps create the space to explore potential, tensions and discover new chances💖 Liquid Legal Institute e.V. invites us, the members, to create new spaces and explore by encouraging interdiscipliary thinking that moves the legal sector forward. Even into the presence of virtual reality.

Thanks to Weblaw for publishing the compilation of articles on lawyer well-being and on becoming more “human-centric“.

My essay “Becoming Human Centric: How to Promote Wellbeing in Business Practices” reports on using human-centered tools like agile design thinking in business. The roots 🌱 of New Work and other practices that can initiate a growthmindset approach to solving 💡problems and better working practices are included.

How to create awarenss for new forms of leading and collaboration that build relationships to keep us healthy and 🤗?

This is more important than ever for virtual leaders and critical for performance. One key is to build up and maintain trust.✨ by managing virtual distance in every interaction.

👉🏽Work Trend Index by Microsoft Jan. 2022

51 percent of senior executives in Germany surveyed for this Work Trend Index doubt that company management is aware of employees’ expectations. Two-thirds (66 percent) also point to a lack of influence or resources to implement change for their team. This is problematic because a hybrid or virtual corporate culture can only be established via the input of senior executives.

👉🏽One conclusion:

Companies should implement programs to train and coach senior executives to develop the skills and empathy needed to build a culture of trust.

👉🏽Here’s a self-coaching step to start.

Coined by Kim Insoo Berg, pioneer of solution-focused coaching, “If you want to do things fast, slow down”. A thoughtful reminder to begin your own🙂 reflection. And when you think about sustainability and the power of the slow🐢, this statement rings so true.