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Remote Innovation Workshops Offers

By Karla Schlaepfer
Event, Legal Design, Innovation, Remote Workshops

Are you interested in remote innovation workshops and virtual design thinking? Find out more about individual formats with different lengths and contents in the pdf below.

This PDF gives you technical information that you’ll need for the Agile Legal Work Hacks

Together with @Nils Schekorr I’m hosting four virtual workshops from March 23 to 25 at LEGAL LIVE.

Here are the titles of our Agile Legal Work Hacks:

💪 Foster a growth mindset with Design Thinking

⚡️ Power up team decision making with a Legal Work Sprint

🏁 Build a future compass in a Strategy Sprint

🌿 Flourish and create value with practicing Collaboration

We delivery customized and high-quality workshops with clear learning outcomes! Find out more about our services in the PDF workshop brochure.

Get in touch to customize your remote workshop! Reach out to Karla