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Remote ain’t going away

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Munich’s Ifo-Institut recently polled 800 companies. 73% are planning to establish regular Home-Office days after the pandemic. Large businesses like Siemens or Allianz are considering making remote working with distributed teams standard for certain job profiles.

Is this the result of Covid-19?

Well, let’s be honest, even before the start of the pandemic, acceleration in the use of digital communicative tools was becoming apparent. The way teams work together, collaborate and design products and services have been evolving for some time. Agile practices have pushed the pace of change forward. And now, its certain, remote work is here to stay.

In fact, it’s safe to say - embrace it 😍 Use and train your growth mindset. And get prepared to never be done learning! This means stay curious, constructively critical and be ready to fail and get right back up and try again. Your experience is unique, so let the world know about it! Times are changing at an increasing pace, always. Are you ready to change with them?

Reach out to me for remote and hybrird working sessions with agile and design thinking teams.

Thanks for reading👏

Karla and the awesome DesignChange Team

Oh joy - Remote Meetings that are not useless

Here a curated selection of 3. useful links that you might not have seen. From 1. using a guardian mindset approach to run remote meetings (with concrete tools) 2. Havard Business Review article on how managers can encourage awareness about mental health and well-being in times of crisis and 3. the deep work guide to Slack from an expert with sound advice 🧐 about how to be deliberate with collaborative tools.

How has COVID-19 changed your core values?

In this same vein, here the results of a fascinating international survey (Barret Value Center) on how COVID-19 has sparked a shift in personal values and intercultural norms - worldwide. Thank you Christine Anderson for sharing this and for the invite to the Women Leadership Hub.

Figuring out the teams

How to make remote collaboration work better? This is the subject of my article here ( in German, posted in the resource Blieb im Haus “… Wie die richtige Haltung Remote-Teams überragend macht”). And there’s more! The Liquid Legal Institute paper on Remote Legal Work. Help us and take part in our user research. Reach out ☺

Liquid Legal Experience Day

Especially for Legals! sign up for the Liquid Legal Experience in September. Come and meet new people, listen to keynotes and take part in one of the five different virtual interactive sessions.

Good Reads

A classic book recommended by many agile coaches and scrum masters is 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by P. Lencioni (also in German). The story approach is convincing 🎯. It delivers a recipe for successful teamwork. A much newer version of personal, team, and cultural development embedded in iteration and purpose is the Loop approach. Highly recommended!

Surprising or rather, shocking …

Have a look at the newest Pinkcast mini video by the best seller author Dan Pink. This is his version of the best pandemic lunch for home office. Nutritious, easy and absolutely unappealing! 😅😂

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