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Recharging Through Resilience

By Karla Schlaepfer

Time Management Tips for Summer⌚☀️

🌟 Welcome DesignChange Community,

It’s the summer month of July, time to dive into strategies and insights to help you plan and use your time better to increase resilience in your personal and professional lives🛟

Let’s kick things off with a practical approach to managing your time effectively. Whether you’re looking to optimize decision making and your daily routine, these steps and tools will help you create space for optimal efficiency and more regeneration.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

— William Penn

Planning a vacation? Don’t miss the article with the 10-point checklist of how to ensure you can close your laptop and truly unwind (auf Deutsch) 🤗

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Wishing you a restful and productive July!

Karla Schlaepfer and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team

Tickled pink 🎀to share a testimonial by a client who didn’t have much time to spare and used it wisely in our coaching sessions!

Insights and Information

Time and Resiliency: Throw Yourself an Anchor ⚓and Leave Multitasking Behind!

Ensure you get the restful holiday you deserve and need. Follow these steps to unplug and let go of work worries (German) 📄

Business expert Stephen Covey was inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, a tool that helps prioritize tasks intentionally, making time management simple and effective. 💪🏻🔆

Find it hard NOT to multitask? Try this for surprising, targeted results 😉

Video of the Month:

Laura Vanderkam’s TED Talk on time management emphasizes that we have more time than we think. She suggests prioritizing tasks that align with our goals and values. Key points include:

  1. Time Management Myths: We often think we’re too busy, but we can find time for important things (her story about water in the cellar is so spot on!)
  2. Prioritization: Focus on what matters most by understanding your true priorities.
  3. Time Tracking: Track your time to understand how you actually spend it.
  4. Planning: Plan your weeks around your priorities.
  5. Perspective Shift: View time as something you can control.

Vanderkam says, we build the lives we want and then time saves itself. Time will stretch to accommodate what we chose to put into it. Brilliant perspectives, worth watching!

Effective time management isn’t just about organizing tasks—it’s about making space for genuine rest. Remember, a well-rested leader is a resilient leader. In next month’s newsletter, look forward to learning about the real cognitive benefits of rest for more resilience.