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New Milestone: PCC Coaching Accreditation

By Karla Schlaepfer
career, professional coaching, change

ICF Coaching Credential holders are a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability and quality to clients. Read about what this means to me and what is involved.

Achieving a milestone is a big deal. Giving myself/yourself credit for the achievement is not always easy 🌿At least not for me 🙈

To know we’re getting better at something, we need to identify signposts of improvement 🎯, right? Here’s mine.

I’m delighted to share that after years of practice and learning, I’ve made a new notch in my coaching level and achieved a big step towards a long-time goal🥁

I’m the happy recipient of:

Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC) ™ from the International Coaching Federation, or ICF. This accreditation is a #quality standard.

To achieve this, experienced coaches must fulfill a number of validated criteria. Here’s an idea of what is measured and tested:

  • At least 500 tracked and logged client coaching hours

  • 🪄Mentor coaching from ICF Master coaches🪄

  • Assessed coaching session recordings

  • 200 hour approved coaching education course

  • Pass the 175 question Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

  • Pay the fee

Wow, when I write all that down, those are some rigorous chunks!

Heartfelt 🥰 THANKS to my current SolutionsAcademy Master mentors, my clients, and to my #mastercoach class colleagues for their 🪜insights and support.

And special thanks to my wonderful NRW peer-group coaches!

What kinds of #goals2022 🧭are you aiming for this year?

#grateful #professionalcoaching #learning

Feeling thankful for reaching this #milestone