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Newsletter September 2019Karla asks, does your new tech serve a genuine need? Find out with a Design Sprint!

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Dear Readers,

Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Adding tech that adds value to your business, asking hard questions about the future or setting priorities in your life must be at the top of the scale.

Creating and managing teams that are driven by proactivity, curiosity and using agile processes that drive innovation with human-centered Design Thinking or that solve problems quickly like with Design Sprint 2.0 are validated approaches.

In my experience here are 3 big reasons why:

  • Design sprints create focus and allow all perspectives and expertise to inform the end output in only a week.

  • Getting feedback right away from clients saves lots of money and time.

  • People get more comfortable with new agile mindsets where they try things out and show “works in progress” that are not perfect. (Fehlersourveränität)

Pro-active thinking, agile mindset and motivation are key. As a certified systemic coach with expertise in both Design Thinking/Sprints and new skills in PSI-Theory Dr. Julius Kuhl, I can help you and your teams find the levers that work.

As always, thanks for your comments and for reading!

Neuigkeit: Ab sofort ist meine dynamische Website auch auf Deutsch zu lesen! Neues Twitter Feed gibt es auch. Ich bin in die USA geboren und ich arbeite gerne auf Deutsch.

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The Legal ®Evolution returns to Frankfurt!

Extraordinary line up of speakers, innovative workshops and individual coaching geared to the needs of GC and law practitioners and a special discount!

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Finally, the icing on the cupcake, something disruptive to think about

„The S-curve mental model makes a compelling case for personal disruption. We may be quite adept at doing the math around our future when things are linear, but neither business nor life is linear, and ultimately what our brain needs, even requires, is the dopamine of the unpredictable. More importantly, as we inhabit an increasingly zig-zag world, the best curve you can throw the competition is your ability to leap from one learning curve to the next.“

— Juan C. Mendez and Whitney Johnson

Want to schedule a Lightening Decision Jam to experience 1.5 hours of Sprint? Trial prices in 2019.

Karla Schlaepfer was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from UC Berkeley. She has over 20 years of experience in interdisciplinary teaching, leadership coaching and change communication training. Ms Schlaepfer leads workshops and coaching in DAX enterprises. She moderates public events on Legal Tech and is in demand as a facilitator and coach for sprints on innovation, design thinking and google design sprints.