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Newsletter AugustDesign Sprints (like Design Thinking) really work. Karla’s tip: feed the cycle of empowerment

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Hey everybody,

Recent events in my life have made this quote more impactful.

In this newsletter, I’m sharing some things that caught my attention and other things I’ve been involved in to help broaden your scope and help you make better decisions. Is it time to focus on what is important and figure out what direction to take?

Clear your direction with a Design Sprint! I’ve added a link to the author of the Google Sprint bestseller, Jake Knapp, on 3 big points that can convince others of the benefits of a Design Sprint. Reach out to me for more and to find out how to do an innovation Sprint in your company,University or legal organization.

Time to expect results? People with a growth or agile mindset know they’ll fail from time to time but they never let that keep them from expecting results. This keeps you motivated and feeds the cycle of empowerment. For more on this, have a look at my new video on “Agile Mindsets” on YouTube.

Many thanks for reading and sending me your comments!

Neuigkeit: Ab sofort ist meine dynamische Website auch auf Deutsch zu lesen! Neues Twitter Feed gibt es auch

Design Sprints to align Teams, save time and innovate

Convince your boss of the merits. Here is Jake Knapp’s YouTube video

Facebook and Trust

Prof. Rachel Botsmann predicts a slow death for Facebook

3 reasons you need an Agile Mindset for Future Work

Systemic and Design Thinking Coach Karla Schlaepfer tells you why and how to here

Cognitive science behind mindsets

Ryan Gottfredson explains in a no-nonsense style

German Universities are going agile!

Here an article* by the founders of the innovative DigitalLab at the HH University in Düsseldorf and their assessment after a Design Thinking workshop

*(OpenDigiLab meets Karla Schlaepfer: Wie wir mit Design Thinking unsere Universität von Morgen gestalten wollen.)

Books you’ll want to read:

  • “The Culture Code. Secrets of highly successful groups” by Daniel Coyle is an inspiring book on impacting real cultural change in organizations and teams. Here a at short read on how it inspired Karla.
  • Fascinated by how our brain works? This book, “The Brain that Changes itself” by Norman Doidge MD, is a classic must-read that changed the way science views the brain.