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March Newsletter

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Reimagining Where and How We Work – Tips in troubled times

Dear all,

As we find ourselves in the midst of a great experiment around how and where work is done. Many of us are dealing with fear and panic, scrambling to deal with new circumstances and being pushed to learn new remote skills, fast. It can be overwhelming. If you’re used to working in an office and suddenly working from home (with your kids), the adjustment is more than difficult. It is overwhelming and completely unprecedented. Experts advise:

Carve out some time to calm your mind and try out helpful practical tips

Here is brilliant, straightforward advice from CEO and workplace strategist Cali Yost. In this podcast with Whitney Johnson, she discusses 5 things we can do right now in organizations and in home office to help weather the current crisis.

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Use the time and do things you didn’t have time for

One of Cali’s tips is to fill the white space in your calendars with backburner stuff. In my case, I’ve started a new project at Liquid Legal Institute on “Virtual Legal Teams” and I’m preparing online to take the Scrum professional certification next month. It helps to know that later my “white calendar” time has been put into learning things I can use after the crisis.

Simon Sinek has been working virtually with his team for several years. This YouTube video, “ How Remote Teams Can Connect Meaningfully” offers an inspiring and revealing look behind the scenes. Check out how this team connects their purpose with brain and heart. Try a “huddle” or start with a daily team video check-in.

When you can’t meet at the coffee machine how do you make an impact?

In this Ideo blog article by Sacha Connor, Founder of Virtual Work Insider, she shows how to create influence across a virtual distance and lists 3 strategies that can make a difference.

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Sprinkle of good news – effects of COVID 19 and our world

Here images of clean air from space.

Managing new virtual and remote platforms, technologies and tools for distributed workforces is a change process. Experts agree, for now: keep it simple. Many larger tech companies are offering their tools for a limited time for free. Or how about experimenting with equivalent open-source tools. You’ll find 4 alternatives in this in the Handelsblatt article. Or check out this new and very useful German site called, Bleibimhaus. A a source for 100s of tips and tools

Give each other shout-outs, and not just for big stuff

Right now, everyone in many parts of the globe is on a new S Curve of Learning. EVERYONE. And we were pushed; none of us jumped by choice. Typically, there’s some preparation and people to provide needed support. But no one is in the sweet spot or at the high end of this crazy curve. So, offer the encouragement you want to receive. The more we encourage, the more encouraged we are, the more courage we will have to be encouraging.

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Stay well, dance some and thanks for reading!

Let’s all do what we can, best wishes,

Here the latest blog article on my last “live” keynote: Is it true that lawyers in particular have a hard time accepting change? Report @ Flick Gocke und Schaumburg Legal Tech meet-up

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