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Legal New Work Empowering Women to make a changeStrong 💪 women driving the law forward!

By Karla Schlaepfer
Collaboration, New Legal Work, Coaching, Empowerment

“Sistas are doin’ it for themselves …”

“She breaks the Law” is a monthly webinar inviting us to tune into transformative 💥 stories by innovative legal disruptors. Nathalie’s change story took us around the world. Now she is legal director at a large corporate pharmaceutical firm.
Nathalie Maccow-IJtsma narrated her professional “learning by doing” by using an agile ability to jump from one sector of the law to another and keep the balls 🤹‍♂️ in the air with a “helicopter” 💫perspective. Empowering others in her team with coaching stances, Nathalie’s leadership tips were appreciated by all.

What was special about “She breaks the Law” meet-up – beside the cool😎 name? These are the things I think are important:

  • 🌍International legal women

  • 👉Interdisciplinary

  • 🎃Friendly online environment

What is it that keeps you signing up for online webinars?

Here another one:

Dr. Nadine Lilienthal and Magda Grünenwald were the guests at this week’s MOOG Round Table session. Compelling use case examples of coaching strategies supporting legal change processes. They gave convincing reasons to use agile “retros” or retrospectives😉 as a tool to encourage the team to reflect on and give each other feedback on the current process. Thank you 🙌 Harald Evers for hosting this engaging event.

Next time at the MOOG Round Table on 24.06. “Legal New Work” – with Karla Schlaepfer and Nils Schekorr.

Another👋 insightful empowering meeting this week (yes, a busy week!) with the editor of REthinking: Law, Isabel Brueck and content manager Kim Opolony. This month’s issue of the journal is so exciting! An entire issue devoted to insights of machine-based intelligence and its impact in the legal workflow and legal world.

So motivating 🤸‍♀️, so many capable women working making the legal world a better place to innovate⚡ Why don’t you try out the flavor of one of these initiatives?

Karla Schlaepfer