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Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏼

By Karla Schlaepfer
Design Thinking, Legal Tech, Collaboration

Super excited and happy for my legal tech start-up team Amicus!

The team will join the other 10 top finalists in pitching their AI legal service “Amicus” to a panel of investor judges. Probably a little like “Shark Tank” or “Höhle der Löwe” in Germany but not so glamorous 😉

Using a Design Thinking framework, disruptive thinking, and storytelling techniques: this guiding framework helped the 24 teams of Cohort2 as they cruised thru the 13-week initiative run by LISA and Embark programs. LISA is the “Lead Incubator & Startup Accelerator Initiative”. These programs work with startups from the Stanford GSB (Graduate School of Business).

I’m proud of Amicus’ mission and vision to help improve access to justice using digital tools like AI 💪🏼

“How might we create a data analytics platform with good UX that allows General Counsel to identify a winning lawyer for a specific jurisdiction?”

Team Amicus is confident their new product that will also help save lots of time and money and make it easy to find the best legal counsel for the specific case. 🎯

Congratulations again @farazsagar 🏆

Check out this report on their great work.