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San Francisco, Ideo, Stanford Uni – JCP Interviews

By Karla Schlaepfer
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The bags aren’t packed and we are really not ready to go – but we’re tremendously excited to have set up interviews with a number of innovative thinkers, experience designers, creativity experts and game changers indigent to Silicon Valley.

During our stay, we’ll be meeting and asking questions to probe for more understanding of concepts in order to extract relevant insights for German business people who are ready to design value for the future. We want to know why and how these California companies are doing “future of work” now. To get a better, clearer perception of the mindsets and working environments that are creating new products, services and processes in Silicon Valley, hotbed of our world’s digital transformation.

Where are we headed to?

The mighty G.? What about Google you ask? We have contact and are waiting for an answer.

And Adobe’s Mark Randall with his innovative Kickbox concept? On our list. A visit to the Innovation firm Ideo is set.

We’ll lunch with co-writer of Tim Brown’s ”Change by Design” Professor Barry Katz.

We’re meeting with Maria Guidice CEO at Hot Studio and author of Rise of the DEO (Design Executive Officer) and we’re thrilled and honored to speak with professors and authors Nathan Schedroff Head of MA Design at CCA and world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, who has devoted decades of research on achievement, and understanding static and dynamic mindsets, in education and business.

There are more possibilities on our list but we only have 4 days…!