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From Art to VR Podcast: Creative Methods in CoachingInternational Coaching Federation (ICF) Podcast

By Karla Schlaepfer

Karla shares stories about her journey to becoming a growth mindset fan, design thinking teams, magic in the museum and chances with VR. Listen in 🤩

This podcast – see below – was a happy opportunity for me to sum things up 😊

I could envision the hills of Palo Alto in California, and recall my nervousness before the interview for our book with the impressive Prof. Carol Dweck. She is a ground-breaking pioneer in the science of personal development and a growth mind-set approach.

Design Thinking is an innovation process, sometimes mentioned in connection with the structure of coaching. It was cool to draw out these connections and elaborate on more. Especially with team coaching.

“One can feel your enthusiasm and your competence. One can understand your ‘historical’ motivations and inspirations. One understands the difference between coaching and design thinking and what these techniques ‘bring’ to clients.”

Using art as a springboard 😎 for reflection has long been an aspect of my ArtTalks and, more recently, coaching. The extraordinary setting in the museum invites engagement that can be funneled into rich conversations that are original and impactful.

In connecting the dots of experiences and methods that influence my work, it was a joy to end the podcast with my current passion for virtual reality.

“Until now I always thought VR was not for me; but your podcast interview really made me curious. I’m sure the other listeners were as well”

Facilitating growth is a huge part of my training and coaching. 💕 Thanks to those who have been part of this journey and have invited me in as their guide, trainer or coach.

Listen to the podcast episode

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