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Future-Proof Your Career Against AI

By Karla Schlaepfer
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What you can do and learn to future-proof your career

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Below is an excerpt from an insightful Harvard Business Review article by Dorie Clark. I think it is so useful that I’m sharing the short version of this with you here.

Thinking about the future

If you’re worried that AI could replace you, you’re not alone. But while the fast-developing technology is certain to disrupt many jobs and industries, you can take steps now to future-proof your career.

  • Hone the people skills AI imitates. While AI can display empathy, self-awareness, and creativity, it’s important to remember that this is just an illusion. People skills still belong to people.
  • Double down on the real world. AI can’t disrupt our analog work or our physical, in-person connections with each other. Carve out time to safeguard that work and those relationships.
  • Invest in your personal brand. Especially when it comes to creative fields, strong human brands will continue to be more valuable than generic AI work.
  • Develop recognized expertise in your industry. Even if AI performs “first draft” functions, its output still has to be double-checked by a trusted, reliable source. If that’s you, you’ll continue to be sought out because you’ll have the ability to vet and refine AI’s responses.
  • Avoid predictability. It’s important to remember that AI isn’t generating new insights; it’s a prediction engine. If you want to stand out, you may be better served (in some cases) by doing the opposite of what it suggests, because you’ll be bucking conventional wisdom.

So interesting – thank you Dorie!

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