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Fresh Insights from Karla Schlaepfer and the awesome DesignChange team

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Dear Friends,

A pal of mine who works as an agile coach told me that a lot of her job now is about solving conflicts. Patrick Lencioni of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” names fear of conflict as one of the five dysfunctions.👻

When people are afraid, they avoid taking risk. They won’t be able to learn, develop, innovate and expand their skills. There is a lack of trust. 😤These things are not new. But now with so much remote working, maybe it is easier to ignore tension since you won’t run into teammate when getting coffee?! But ducking tension not only makes you and your team less productive. There are lost opportunities.

Yet, believe me and the experts, there is so much to be gained from positive friction. 💥💖

Conflicts dealt with constructively are the lifeblood of an organization! They bring energy, stimulate change and creativity, and can help build strongly bonded teams in an agile or Design Thinking process.

The key is in our mind – embrace conflict 🤝🏼and we stretch ourselves and others to higher levels of potential.

Join me to explore the “new normal” conflict management in a collaborative remote format! To find out more click here.

I look forward to your feedback and thank you for reading!

Karla and the awesome 🍂DesignChange team

Ways to learn to collaborate in a virtual safe space?

Check out the workshops of the Exploration Tribe. An international network of professionals who meet online using a Mural template to explore Daniel Goleman’s “Working with Emotional Intelligence” and other topics using different virtual tools. Great people, great vibe!👏

Free Webinar!

Thrilled to work together with Visorian GmbH. Our free 🚀 webinar shows how to use Design Thinking methods at the beginning of an innovation journey and how these flow into in project management. This is the first of a 3-part series. Click here for more information.

Craft customer value

Out of the wide range of methods used in agile Design Thinking, one of the most versatile is the “persona” 🕵🏼‍♂️👩🏼‍🦽🕴🏼 In my article, “Do you know what your clients really value” you’ll find out why this tool is so important, not only in Design Thinking but also for Legal Professionals and Product Owners.

Book(s) of the Month

Design Thinking? Frag mich was!” is my own E-book (in German) with practical examples, concise explanations highlighting the process, principles, tools, and mindset of this widely used innovation method. Time to toot my own horn 😊

“Check out the Remote Facilitator’s Pocket Guide” A good, much-needed 🐱‍🏍short guide to remote working.

On my website DesignChange, you’ll find more on Design Thinking, Design Sprints and agile methods.
On LegalDesignChange, you’ll find more about my Legaltech innovation talks and workshops.