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Work Smarter, less Stress by doing Less!

By Karla Schlaepfer
Multitasking, Professional Coaching, Trade Fair

Ditch Multitasking for more long-term work success 🎯🌟

Dear Friends and Partners of DesignChange,

Many of you looked at the “Stop Multitasking!” NYT article in my last newsletter for a good reason.

In today’s fast-paced business world, multitasking has long been lauded as a key skill for efficiency and productivity ️

Evidence shows that the once-celebrated notion is just plain wrong. Here’s the science. Multitasking leads to cognitive overload and actually reduces our performance. Our brains require time (and energy) to switch between tasks. We are then less focused and often make mistakes🤯

By intentionally making a habit of single-tasking, folks can leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewire neural circuits. 🧠🔄 Over time, this can lead to improved attention control. Learning to stop multitasking can enhance focus and productivity. Reaching out to a coach for support can provide guidance and accountability in developing this skill. 🤝

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Reach out to me for a free need assessment call! 📞🆓

Thank you so much for reading! 📚😊

[Karla Schlaepfer]{.underline} and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team

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Book of the month

“DO NOTHING, How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing and Underliving”
By Celeste Headlee

A tip from a former coaching client that helped her to see the big picture of why we work the way we do. 😮 Fascinated by her enthusiasm that I got the book to understand why.

The author Celeste Headlee is known for her work in communication and journalism. 🗣️ Her insights into productivity and working smarter are not rocket-science 🚀 but convincing and the strategies are easy to apply.

Headlee is a fascinating storyteller. She documents her own journey to a new approach to her life and work. 🌟 She weaves her hypotheses with threads of a deep historical dive 📜 and countless studies 📊, creating good narrative and well-researched investigation on our obsession with work and efficiency 🕰️ and how we can change this. 🔄

She also provides practical solutions that extend beyond simply taking a break from technology 📵, recognizing that the ultimate remedy lies in a broader cultural shift.

I loved the chapter on “Invest in Leisure” and the surprising value of cute cat videos

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my 70-second introductory video in German.

Image designed by upklyak / Freepik