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DesignChange with Fun 💚It’s a hot🔥 summer everywhere! Welcome to the summer edition of the DesignChange fresh and cool newsletter

By Karla Schlaepfer
Newsletter, Coaching, Change

Insights for Design(ing)Change. Let’s have some honest fun!

When was the last time you tuned into your emotions and honestly explored how you’re feeling?

For many of us, when we’re asked how we’re doing, we respond with a “fine, thanks” without even thinking. There are many reasons why our emotions may feel foreign to us, or difficult to name. Instead of overlooking our emotions, we can learn to turn toward them and take better care of ourselves😊

“The way we engage with our emotions shapes our actions. Our careers. Our leadership. Our relationships.

Our families. Our health. Our wellbeing. Our happiness. Our organizations. Our communities. EVERYTHING.”

— Dr. Susan David, Bestseller Author Emotional Agility/New Work

Bringing awareness to how you’re feeling can help you to understand how this may be impacting your decisions and behavior in a big way.

So, while you go about your 🌞 summer day, taking care of your tasks and responsibilities, don’t forget to check in on yourself 🥰

I hope you’ll find some inspiration for positive change and 🥳 FUN too!

Karla and the awesome 🚀DesignChange Team

August Topics

  1. Do you listen to music 🎶 while working, studying, or doing chores? What type of music is best for focus? In this 3-min. YouTube video Headspace’s “Music on My Mind” with John Legend, cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sahar Yousef debunks some myths and investigates how music can improve your mental focus and productivity.

  2. Will I ever have fun again? Non-fun-haver Jessica Bennett decides to get at the root of fun.😳 The reputed New York Times writer explores in this seriously amusing article, why fun is so difficult to pin down – there is nothing universally considered fun - and what can help. Including an unscientific quiz. “What’s your fun 😉vibe?”

  3. Is having fun at work important? Yes! Research suggests that folks who have fun at work are more productive and creative, while those who are perceived as not much fun were viewed less favorably, particularly if they were women (😂!) So, how can you make fun part of your workday? Here are 5 easy ways to create more fun!

  4. Did you know that optimism is a defining characteristic of resilience? Resilience and grit are two positive personality traits that help us to be successful in life. It is worth noting that “resilience” has been cited as a predictor of well-being. Check-out this article to learn more about both and characteristics that 👉🏽lead to more resilience👈🏽

  5. The woman behind the screen. A personal reflection on my virtual activities at the Liquid Legal e.V. (LLI) Think Tank and why meeting people live is (still) so magical.

The ideal form of work feels like play, but still accomplishes something useful and valuable. Joyful for you. Helpful to others.

— James Clear

Fun Tip of the Month

Fun and fascinating facts. More summer fun is Neal fun. Credit to Dan Pink for turning me on to The site is a network of 24 interactive projects. Pink’s favorites include: Life Stats: Enter your birthdate, then get a stream data about what’s happened since that momentous day. (Ex: During my life, I’ve blinked more than 400 million times — and slept 6,500 days.)

Yes, Coaching is Effective!

Despite the ever-growing popularity of coaching in the workplace, many still think that coaching is about giving advice🤔 Effective coaching, however, helps coachees move toward self-awareness and find solutions to their challenges themselves 🥰 Tuning into our emotions and identifying what they may be telling us is a skill we can work on continuously. Often, the support of a coach can help develop strategies for strengthening 💪🏽this in yourself, so that you can take greater care of your well-being 🥳 reach your goals and increase your performance.