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Design Thinking @start up epilotCheck! I love working with startups

By Karla Schlaepfer
design thinking, event, workshop, agile methoden, inspiration

And this team was so open for new ways of working together – a real pleasure. Especially when they are located in Köln!

Mix a new enabling boss, an agile team of motivated POs with lots of fresh faces, together with a handful of sparkling yet measured activities and, what do you get? A really smooth, successful, workshop jam! A bit of the pre-Karneval Cologne spirit

One goal of the workshop was to show how to create business value in a customer-centric way with elements of Design Thinking and the mini Design Sprint exercise LDJ. Check! Nodding all around.

It was also important to showcase e-pilots start-up business model so everyone could get aligned on the same page with this and ensure mutual understanding. For this we set up a giant Lean Change Canvas taped onto two windows and co-created the contents. Positive feedback across the board.

“thanks again for the fantastic day!”

— Oliver Welsch epilot CPO

epilots are experts in the fields of energy management, cloud business, sales and e-commerce. They realized the time is right for a new generation of software solution for utilities. Their goal is to manage all products and services in processes in a simple, digital and customer-centered way. With this USP and the digital skills to deliver, they are growing fast!