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Thrilled to be certified to give the Hogan Personality Assessment. 🚀🔍

By Karla Schlaepfer
Professional Coaching, Feedback, Personality Assessment

Since 1987 the leading science-backed prediction of professional success in the workplace

Exciting News: Hogan Certification Acquired! 🌟

The Hogan Assessment is a renowned, science-backed tool with an extensive database, making it one of the oldest and most reliable personality assessments used globally. It delves into the full spectrum of personality, shedding light not just on our self-identity, but critically, on how we are perceived by others. This distinction is vital in both personal and professional realms.

What Does Hogan Assess? 🔍

  1. Bright Side: Identifies everyday behaviors and strengths.
  2. Dark Side: Pinpoints behaviors under stress, highlighting areas for development.
  3. Inside: Uncovers core values, goals, and interests, crucial for career satisfaction.

Top 5 Benefits of Hogan Assessment💪🏻💪🏻

  1. Strategic Self-Awareness: Discover how others perceive you professionally, aligning your self-awareness with your workplace reputation.
  2. Career Navigation: Insights into your strengths and areas for growth, aiding in making informed career choices.
  3. Personal Fulfillment: Understanding the alignment between your values and career, paving the way for a satisfying professional journey.
  4. Enhanced Hiring and Onboarding: Hogan helps in peering behind a candidate’s CV, assessing potential cultural and role fit, reducing turnover.
  5. Team Dynamics Analysis: Utilize Hogan for understanding team compositions and managing workforce diversity effectively.

The Hogan Assessment goes beyond mere self-perception; it provides a comprehensive view of how others perceive us in the workplace. This understanding is critical, as success often hinges on the interplay between our perceived strengths and actual behaviors.

I’m thrilled to integrate the Hogan Certification into my coaching toolkit. It opens up new avenues for insightful discussions and personal growth. 🪴🫶🏻

Reflection Question

What strength might you be overusing, and how could this be impacting your ability to achieve your aspirations? 🌈