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Better training, professional coaching, learning 🪜 with virtual reality?

By Karla Schlaepfer
Coaching, Virtual Reality, Leadership

At IW Köln (Institute der deutschen Wirtschaft) our hypothesis provoked some raised eyebrows!

Emotions are the change agents of our brains⚡With the deep feeling of presence or immersion in This well-documented study (2020) was conducted by PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). The same inclusive leadership content was presented in 3 different ways at 12 US PwC locations.*

  1. in the classroom
  2. as e-learning
  3. VR-learning. virtual reality, we can kick-start an emotional learning process 🧠that is more effective than in the classroom or office.

Not only did we speak about this during the 60-minute presentation. But we walked the talk and backed up this claim⚒️ up with empirical research.

The participants in the V-learning course reported learning 4x times faster and feeling 3x more confident in applying the learned skills 🦸🏽‍♀️. They described an increase in emotional awareness which was 3,7 times higher than in the online course.

Outrageously good! 🤗 But it should be noted: the participant sample was homogeneous. They were all managers from the same company and technically affine. More representative studies are needed.

Why such good results? When we slip on the Virtual Reality glasses (like Oculus) , we completely tune out the real world and thereby create total immersion in an alternative realm of experience. Our perception changes. We are completely involved in the task or activity at hand. There is no multi-tasking possible until we take off the glasses! This immersion boosts how we absorb the input.

Feedback from an IW participant:

“Thank you for an exciting presentation and insight into how future learning can evolve.”

But to show you it was not all honey cakes😜 everywhere, here is a provocative comment from another participant:

“Are we not closing our eyes to the increasingly “unattractive” physical world (war, destruction of the environment, etc.) with VR? To me, this seems like a form of escapism.”

Virtual reality and using collaborative working platforms like #Meta or #Glue are spaces for exchange, meetings, training (like Design Thinking🥳) and professional leadership coaching. Virtual reality is a technology that is a mirror of our society. It can be used for excessive gaming or for making international remote working more emotional, interactive with no travel and to increase the quality of learning.

What do you know about virtual reality, its uses, and big challenges? Like data protection? Interested in a lively interactive presentation for your company event? I’d be glad to tell you more.

Here is the link to the study,“How virtual reality is re-defining soft skills training.”


Thank you to @Anna Kern for inviting us to IW. Dr.Klaus Hafermann for his support from afar. BC and RM for their contributions to the @Liquid Legal Institute “Metaverse Excursions”. And Vera Demary for her interest in VR learning for the future.

It was a pleasure to moderate the session with Anita Lamprecht🤗!