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Welcome to 2024A Fresh Start for Growth and Success

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Time to Embrace Your Inner Expertise!

Dear Friends and DesignChange Partners,

Wow, can you believe it’s already 2024? 🌟

Are there things you want to do differently this year?

Here are 5 sparkling tips to kickstart 2024:

  • Embrace your skills and accomplishments. Tackle Imposter Syndrome head-on! 🚀. You’re more brilliant and resilient than you realize.
  • Set Smart Goals: Be specific and actionable. 🎯 Enhance your leadership with insights from my new Hogan Certification. It’s a game-changer!
  • Adopt a Growth Mindset: See challenges as growth opportunities. 🌱 Hurdles are chances to learn and do better.
  • Increase your energy🔥Focus on letting things go that no longer serve you.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Put yourself first. 🧘‍♀️ Whether it’s a new hobby that you can lose yourself in or mindful moments, Self-care fuels success.

2024 is your fresh canvas. Paint it with bold colors of growth, connection, and joy. Here’s to a fantastic year ahead! 🥂

Thanks for reading!

Karla Schlaepfer and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team

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Inspiring Insights and Information

What is the Imposter Syndrome, why this is important to know especially for female leaders and how you can recognize and handle it with resilience.

Revolutionizing Coaching with Hogan personality assessment! I’m excited to be accredited🥳

Feedback is only valuable if it is authentic. Here’s how to get the truth from your customers with examples, tips and tools. Make improvement your goal, not assessment.😉

Why ChatGBT is like a naughty child! Find out why in this sharp yet fun NYT Opinion article.

Is there a better way to kick-off 2024 than with the Digital Resilience Journey?

Book of the Month

This book has received rave reviews. I’m sharing several choice nuggets of wisdom from Kevin Kelly and his book, “Excellent Advice for Living. Wisdom I wish I’d known earlier

How to find self-knowledge:
“A great way to understand yourself is to seriously reflect on everything you find irritating in others.”

How to navigate your career:
“Don’t be the best. Be the only.”

How to disagree:
“Speak confidently as if you are right, but listen carefully as if you are wrong.”

How to avoid madness:
“If you are looking for something in your house and you finally find it, when you’re done with it, don’t put it back where you found it. Put it back where you first looked for it.”

Benefits of Leadership Coaching 🌟

Executive coaching enhances thought leadership, vital for career progression. Coaching sharpens communication skills and influencing abilities, crucial for effective presentations and interactions with peers and boards. Plus, it empowers self-reliance, through strategic self-awareness. Helping leaders to identify and evaluate options, and craft their own leadership path, rather than prescribing solutions. 💪📈

Reach out to me for a free consultation to find out more!