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I am really proud of what people are saying about my work and me:

Das Coaching mit Karla war eine wirkliche Bereicherung für meine persönliche Entwicklung. Dank ihrer hervorragenden Eigenschaften, Erfahrungen und Fähigkeiten als Coach ist es ihr gelungen, in unseren Sessions die Themen und Fragestellungen immer wieder in den Fokus zu rücken, starke Fragen zu platzieren, die nachwirken und die gemeinsame Reise als auch meine übergeordneten Ziele im Blick zu behalten.

Anne Klinnert-Matuszewski, Senior Abteilungsleiterin

I especially liked the approach that you use with your creative working methods to try to involve the quiet people in a group more and not just the ‘market barkers’. This is very important in teamwork and is often neglected in everyday office life.

Dr. Michael Faatz, LL.M., legal counsel

Today I want to share my appreciation for my coach Karla Schlaepfer and say thank you for all your support and thought-provoking questions, each coaching session with you is a true gift and inspiration. I am grateful to my coach for encouraging me to reflect on a deeper level and for supporting me in developing my strengths and so show up as my most authentic self. Thank you!

Sophie Arbab-Zadeh

Karla has been an invaluable resource in helping me navigate a new job. From our very first session, I knew that I had found someone who truly understood the complexities of my role and could provide me with the guidance and support I needed to succeed.

Teresa Chandler, Senior HR Professional

In the last six months I have achieved a lot with Karla in terms of my own personal development. I am very impressed by Karla's way of coaching and can recommend her to others one hundred percent. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her again for the great cooperation and support.


I finally came around to listening to your podcast and loved the ‘story-telling approach‘ – it was very captivating, well articulated, and insightful! I loved hearing about your professional stations and inspirations and was delighted about your passion for art/art history background (I have always been very interested in that field!) and how that angle can be incorporated in coaching (‘additional level of learning + trigger for shift in perspective and tease out new thinking for those who want to’). I also found very interesting and timely the information you provided on VR and how you integrate it into your coaching and the qualities it offers.


Instead of reading about it in articles, it is much more enlightening To experience the metaverse. Karla guided us through this digital universe and we felt safe and well-prepared. Her introduction and the support during the session was truly helpful.

Jutta Löwe, RA, IT DATA Officier

Karla ist ein wirklich toller Coach. Sie geht sehr individuell auf die Situation ein und liefert keine vorgefertigten Standardantworten. Vielmehr versetzt sie dich durch sehr geschickte Fragestellungen in die Lage, DEINE eigene Lösung zu finden. Für mich war die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr sehr wertvoll!

Thomas Seil, Bereichsleiter Komposit, Öffentliche Versicherung

Eine wahnsinnig intensive erste Session, in der mir meine Coach Karla Schlaepfer sehr relevante Fragen gestellt hat. Bin ganz beeindruckt!

Sehr hilfreiche Gespräche, toller Coach!

Wieder eine super Session. Ich bewundere meinen Coach, wie spontan sie mit dem, was ich sage, umgeht und sie die Session aufbaut.

Karla geht mit deinen Bedürfnissen mit, passt sich spontan an und stellt wirklich gute Fragen 😊

Eine emotionale und intensive session, bei der meine Coach Karla ganz achtsam mit mir umgegangen ist – ganz große klasse!

Ich bin beeindruckt, wie meine Coach spontan auf meine Themen eingeht.

KS showed a high degree of empathy and structure at the same time, and what distinguishes her is her goal-oriented creativity and her deep and wide skill set.

VP Communication Management

Professional, focused, personable … Karla supported me and used various coaching and moderation methods to solve a challenging task. Gladly again!

C.K., Manager Head of Communication/Customer Information Passenger Transport

Ms. Schlaepfer offers highly professional and efficient coaching. Through this individual approach she has helped me a lot to be less nervous and more prepared for scientific panel discussion.

D.W., Managing Director of the IZMF (Informationszentrum Mobilfunk)

Working with Karla greatly impacted my career and helped me tremendously. Above and beyond that, she is an active and empathetic listener with an analytical approach. I immensely enjoyed working with Karla!

Lucija Kobal Nakic

Karla hat mich mit einem großen Methodenrepertoire begleitet. Besonders gefallen hat mir, dass sie mich animiert hat, mein Thema mit kreativen Mitteln zu lösen. Vielen Dank dafür.


Karla and I have teamed up during the last few months to explore the opportunities of virtual space for new forms of work and coaching for legal professionals. I highly appreciate her open mindset and creative intelligence. Mastering conventional hybrid work settings is already a challenge. However, Karla’s expertise even allows her to create a trusting atmosphere in virtual space.

Anita Lamprecht

Toller Workshop! Karla Schlaepfer hat uns in wenig Zeit unsere Herausforderungen in einer digitalisierten Arbeitswelt (be)greifbar gemacht. Besonders inspirierend und hilfreich waren die von Ihnen gestalteten Anregung zum agilen Arbeiten. Sie hat alle gleichermaßen aktiv begeistern können.

Ms. Bibiana Kemner, Vice President Personnel Administration

Karla ist ein wunderbarer Coach. Man spürt zu jeder Zeit ihre Professionalität gepaart mit viel Einfühlungsvermögen. In unseren Terminen ist sie sehr flexibel auf meine aktuellen Anforderungen und Situationen eingegangen und hat mir sehr geholfen mit unterschiedlichen Methoden für mich wichtige Erkenntnisse herauszuarbeiten. Ihre ausgeprägte Ziel- und Lösungsorientierung im Coaching schafft Sicherheit und Orientierung, so dass jeder Termin sehr wertvoll war. Ganz herzlichen Dank dafür ich freue mich auf eine Fortsetzung.

S. Dresch, Vice President of Global & Corporate HR, SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE

Great workshop! Karla Schlaepfer has made our challenges in a digitalized working world (tangible) in a very short time. Especially inspiring and helpful were the suggestions for agile working! She actively inspired everyone in equal measure.

Ms. Bibiana Kemner, Vice President for Economic and Personnel Administration, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein

Once again, thank you very much Karla for the exciting workshop! The practical examples have shown how agile strategies can be applied and these will be helpful for the implementation in our everyday business life, which we will now tackle.

Dr. U. Haas/IT Revision, Fiducia & GAD IT

From the very beginning, the collaboration with Karla was shaped by trust. As a team, we had a very good sense that we could learn new ways and tools and that we could take our engineering charter and our collective actions to a higher, better level.

H. Hossein/Manager Innovation & Application Engineering, IMI Z&J

Karla is always dedicated to 100% and highly creative in joint development of new perspectives in private and professional environment. I highly appreciate Karla’s work.

U. Pott Telecommunications/New Work

Karla was also able to inspire us with fresh energy again and again. Many thanks again

H. Hossein/Manager Innovation & Application Engineering, IMI Z&J

First of all, I would like to thank you once again for the intensive coaching session. I went home very excited and brimming with energy and conviction

B. Michel

The team was enthusiastic, and we have real concrete results! We will certainly have Karla coach us on other things again soon

B. Strecker, executive. Head of Communication/Customer Information Passenger Mobility Köln

I recommend Frau Schlaepfer without reservation. Her creative approach and her positive attitude sparked a very good response from the participants.

Dr. B. Eickhoff / Head of Public Relations, Press Officer

Ms. Schlaepfer knows how to respond to individual customer wishes and, in addition to theory, she also teaches many interesting approaches to the topics of learning, creative thinking and concentration

Michael Imiolczyk, CTO, Binect GmbH

Karla Schlaepfer succeeded in conveying the difficult topic in a compelling and motivating way and in providing the participants with practical tips and techniques. She demonstrated the art of playful reflection, which includes humorous, psychological as well as philosophical aspects. On top of this, she created an inviting, trusting atmosphere right from the start

Dr. med. Sabine Schonert-Hirz

… We wanted to work on our challenges with agile methods. In this respect, I found the perfect moderator for us. With a lot of charm, expertise, and experience, Karla made sure that we were able to work on all our issues in a lively and interactive manner with excellent results.

Oliver Welsch. CPO at Deutsche Teilkauf

Karla is an excellent coach and can also handle challenging situations well. I've learned a lot of new things and I'm thrilled about it

Dr. SK. Pharma Product Manager

Working with Karla is fun! And you can really move forward! Thanks!

C.B. Entrepreneur

for the big and soft questions, for all the tips and tools, and for letting me be and do what was appropriate for me and my pace, I can't say thank you enough.

S.D. Vice President Corporate HR

Karla is not only experienced in her field, she made space for me to see new perspectives and more self-awareness, which help me as a manager in my daily work

P.K. Lawyer, Senior Associate, Ebner Stolz

I think the most remarkable thing about Karla is that as a good executive coach, she helps you discover the answers for yourself which always leads to better clarity.

Ritesh Arora, Chief Digital Officer

Thank you for your thoughts and engagement. I would like to thank you again for the enjoyable and in my eyes very successful coaching.

M.S., Head of Research + Development, Testo

During the Designsprint, Karla Schlaepfer introduced us to methods, some of which we have since used in other projects. We have also tried to reactivate the spirit from the workshop with Karla in other contexts and work, such as being open to new things on the one hand, but also proceeding in a focused and structured manner. We also built a small user database, which we have used a few times since then. For us, the Design Sprint with Karla was therefore inspiring and sustainable beyond the actual 5-day workshop.

Dr. Nicola Balkenhol, Leitung Multimedia/Online Dlf Audiothek