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Das dynamische UnternehmenNewsletter

By Karla Schlaepfer

Hey there! Welcome to this year’s final DdU newsletter. This time in English. The year ended with bang and a 5 day Design sprint at Deuschlandfunk and then on to Darmstadt for coachings and workshops at the Legal ®Evolution Expo. We start the year off right, with an Open Legal Design Thinking and Digital Strategy Workshop on January 26 and Design Thinking for Innovation on February 23. Who wants to join us?

I got some cool links for you today, read on and enjoy the mix of serious stuff and smiles

Design Thinking

Fabulous! Business Prof und Author Jeanne Liedtka examines in the Harvard Business Review the reasons user-driven design thinking kickstarts innovation and how to identify and get around the pitfalls.

Tada! 3 min. Video of the Design Thinking Book Promotion Party at the New Yorker Hotel. Thank you all for coming! It was a night to remember 😊


Brainstorming—a method often over-used in workshops and sprints – there are better ways to generate ideas in a group.


I love this slightly wacky comic.

Legal Design Thinking

After the success at the Expo, I’m adding some insights for interested Legal Design Thinkers:


This is really outstanding and it takes place in a German company:

Vier Tage keine Meetings. Jede Woche.

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Cheers and happy holidays,
Karla and Team