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New Perspectives on AI and Professional Coaching

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Balancing Tech and Human Values

Dear Friends and DesignChange Partners,

Bridging professional coaching with the rapid development of AI is a hot topic 🔥for me.

Thrilled to present to Leadership Choices colleagues in a webinar, “AI and Coaching: A Balanced Perspective” sparking keen interest!

For another perspective on Coaching and AI, have a look my report (see link in German) on a fascinating lecture by Dr. Frank Vogelsang entitled, “Die AI Revolution – und wo bleibt der Mensch?”

Some of you have been asking about Design Thinking. Before I connect the dots with new AI tools to Design Thinking, you’ll find a cool refresher link below💪🏻

Saving the best for last! Beginning a new series highlighting learning nuggets from the recent Master Class by the world-class thinker + disrupter Professor Dave Snowden. Complexity, Sense Making and more. Stay tuned 😊

As aways, thanks for reading!

Karla Schlaepfer and the awesome 🚀 DesignChange team


“From Leader to Coach Manager” A journey of growth. I’m delighted to post testimonials from clients who are happy to share the impact of their coaching experience so others might be inspired.

Did you know that I have 225+ blog articles on my DesignChange website? Have a look at “The Art of Setting Boundaries; Learn from Steve Jobs”

Inspiring Insights and Information

Is Design Thinking dead? Not by a long run! Read about Design Thinking basics and how this agile process is influenced by a coaching approach.

Lust auf mehr? Hier ein Teaser zu meinem E-Book, Design Thinking? Frag mich was!

Delve into my short reflection on Dr. Vogelsang’s lecture on the AI Revolution (wo bliebt der Mensch?), background, human values and impact on coaching.

Here a brand-new 🆕 AI Cheat Sheet with top tools and fantastic AI tech possibilities!

Habt ihr gewusst, die Mathematikerin Ada Lovelace entwarf bereits um 1840 das erste Programm für einen Computer? Eine Mitbegründerin der Informatik🤩

Do you know it? Amazing YouTube Video 🕺🏻🎵It’s ED people; “I asked 1300 people to teach me their favorite dance move” Watch it and smile 🤗

Book of the Month

Big Feelings. How to be Okay When Things are not Okay. (Fosslien + Duffy)

One quote on the cover of this bestselling book claims, “this book will restore your sense of control”. Something we’re all looking for in moments of challenge, right?

The writing duo provide a well-researched dive into why it is so important to acknowledge those big and hard feelings and, most importantly, ways of doing so.

It is a hands-on practical book chock full of witty and touching stories that add pragmatism and value to the seven chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a “Big Feeling” from Uncertainty to Perfectionism and Regret. All are anchored with key points summaries, and useful micro and macro tips. On the top, the book is peppered with absolutely wonderful illustrations that’ll may make you laugh and cry! 😂😂

Wise Words of the Month

“We all are learning, modifying, or destroying ideas all the time. Rapid destruction of your ideas when the time is right is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. You must force yourself to consider arguments on the other side.”

— Charlie Munger on The Work Required to Have an Opinion