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One More ThingThe 10 books that mattered most to you

By Karla Schlaepfer
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Three years ago, I published a short PDF listing the 20 books that had mattered most to me over my life.

Last month, I asked you to tell me the books that mattered most to you over your life.

Before I reveal the top ten, two quick notes.

First, we received 2,117 votes, which is a lot. But you also nominated more than 350 different books, so there was considerable variation in your choices. Reading is personal and idiosyncratic, which is one reason it’s so meaningful.

Second, in assembling the top ten, I removed all votes for my own books. Two of them would have qualified for the list, but their totals are no doubt heavily skewed by your desire to be nice to me. (BTW, why did nobody vote for The Adventures of Johnny Bunko? That hurt my feelings!)

Anyway, here are your top ten books in reverse order of votes received …

  • 10. To Kill a Mockingbird
  • 9. Good to Great
  • 8. The Alchemist
  • 7. Quiet
  • 6. Getting Things Done
  • 5. Mindset
  • 4. Thinking Fast and Slow
  • 3. Man’s Search for Meaning
  • 2. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • 1. The Bible

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