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What is it? Mindfulness means to direct one’s attention to the present moment in a deliberate, non-judgmental way. The idea of mindfulness is based on various Far Eastern meditation traditions, but is not bound to any particular religion.

Duration? It depends on your wishes and needs. At least 3 sessions are recommended.

Remote? Yes! Remote sessions a great opportunity to experience mindfulness.

For how many? For individuals or small teams.

Why? Mindfulness can be a key to finding more inner peace, stability, and balance, especially in challenging or aggravating situations in everyday and in professional life.

FocusMindfulness Coaching for Agile Leaders


One of the things that the science of mindfulness has shown us over the last decade is that it is the routine of a focussed breathing practice that allows us to experience positive benefits. Just by making regular time to focus on breathing, people can improve their perception of mind and body, which can lead to a more balanced state of mental health.

Mindfulness also increases emotional intelligence, our openness to new things, and resilience. It can help us to distance ourselves from judgmental negative thought patterns so that past events and future projections no longer affect our current well-being.

You are invited to experience a mental time-out in a safe, wellness-enhancing space. You will learn to let go of anxious thoughts, cultivate the mental flexibility that is so important in today’s complex agile world, and practice silent concentration.

This focus will be developed through:

  • Mindfulness techniques like Bodyscan
  • Guided conscious breathing techniques
  • Associative picture language and visualization
  • Self-Management practices

In the sessions you will be introduced to "everyday hacks" or tips that can be implemented immediately to provide stability in emotionally stressful situations. This in turn ensures better mental strength, focus and, as a result, better decision making that is aligned with agile and personal goals.

Coaching in digital transformation

Whether F2F in your or my office, remotely via video conference or telephone, in German or English; my active listening skills, commitment, and structure are the basis for your success.

Every mindfulness coaching is different. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Book a free telephone session and we’ll talk. I look forward to getting to know you!

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