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DesignChange Coaching

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In Brief

What is it? Systemic Coaching is an opportunity to develop your professional and personal potential. In this process, the coach takes on the role of a facilitator, who provides food for thought and encourages self-reflection on the part of the coachee. The coach gives the coachee the means to find his/her own solutions through insightful questions and other coaching techniques.

Appointments: when you need it! A free preliminary telephone consultation is requested. Coaching on-site and off-site in my coaching office or yours.

Virtual: Yes! We can use the collaborative virtual tool of your choice.

For whom: Executives, individual, pair or team coaching.

Outcome? What do you want to achieve? Coaching can help you to improve your effectiveness on a professional level. Coaching can help you in various business change processes (e.g. agile transformation, but also to focus and identify your purpose and resolve conflicts) to develop an active approach to challenges and to make better decisions. You can overcome unhelpful patterns and gain the power and mental freedom to try new things, and be more flexible. My coaching will help you develop realistic and promising goals and ways to successfully achieve them.


Essential qualities Passion, experience and competence


Karla is both empathic and empowering. She is a dedicated coach for systemic change for more co-creation, better communication and an appreciative company culture. She supports people in simplifying and clarifying processes. Karla offers 1:1 coaching for executives, individuals, and teams in agile change processes. On-site or remote.

She is convinced that the digitalization of our world requires good thinking, warm hearts and a new, open and agile (or growth) mindset.

And because our fast-moving world demands so much which takes its toll on us, Karla, who makes the time to meditate daily, is now offering. Have a look here: “Mindfulness Coaching for Agile Leaders”.

Dedicated to 100%

“Karla is always dedicated to 100% and highly creative in joint development of new perspectives in private and professional environment. I highly appreciate Karla’s work.”

– U. Pott Telecommunications/New Work

Zusammenarbeit von Vertrauen geprägt

“From the very beginning, the collaboration with Karla was shaped by trust. As a team, we had a very good sense that we could learn new ways and tools and that we could take our engineering charter and our collective actions to a higher, better level.

Karla was also able to give us fresh energy again and again. Many thanks again!”

– H. Hossein/Manager Innovation & Application Engineering, IMI Z&J


“First of all, I would like to thank you once again for the intensive coaching session. I went home very excited and brimming with energy.”

– B. Michel

Space for growthBusiness coaching: boost your mental strength


In contrast to classical consulting, coaching is about developing your own solutions. The coach encourages your personal growth and self-management. In order to achieve this, a trusting, protected space is needed. This space is created in coaching. At its core, coaching is about self-efficacy, the ability to lead oneself in a healthy way in times of accelerating change and complexity. This is a “mind- and skill set” for real and sustainable success.

My business competence coaching provides the framework for unlocking potential and finding solutions. With a great deal of sensitivity, an ear and eye for pattern recognition, and over 25 years of cross-industry experience, I will support you in growing with challenges without losing heart. As a self-reflective author, certified Change Manager, Design Thinking as well as Systemic Coach (and recently Scrum Master), I can draw on a wide range of experience and coaching communication methods to help you succeed.

For Teams too!What are the goals of team development?

The primary goal of team development is to increase team productivity overall and thus increase the economic success of the company as a whole. One optimal outcome will be dedicated players who enjoy working together in a new working environment. The corporate culture becomes more people-centered and adaptive.

Until this goal is achieved, it is often a long, iterative Change jouney. With the following intermediary steps and facilitation, however, the team will reach the goal step by step:

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members
  • Assignment and definition of tasks and roles within the team
  • Improvement of the communication between the team members amongst themselves, sponsors and with external stakeholders
  • Optimization of workflows as well as process chains
  • Promotion of the social skills and emotional intelligence of the team members (for example, dealing with mistakes, giving and taking feedback)

For this purpose and more, I often use dynamic formats from Liberating Structures as well as imaginative and agile moderation techniques. And if needed, I use elements from my own branded diagnostics. These are powered by “Design Your Life” tools and certain models gained from my book research originating from Appreciative Inquiry, Psychology and Neurobiology.

Designing Change Coaching

Whether F2F in your or my office, remotely via video conference or telephone, in German or English; my active listening skills, commitment, and structure are the basis for your success.

Each and every coaching session is different. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Book a free telephone session to discuss your needs.

I look forward to meeting you!