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Enthusiasm is the beginning of something new

Keynotes with high level of involvementEngaging and interactive

Based on my extensive professional experience and on my research for the two reference books "Das dynamische Unternehmen" and "Design Thinking? Frag mich was!", I am pleased to offer inspiring keynotes in German and in (native US) English.

For me, it is important to achieve a high level of knowledge transfer or "takeaways" for my audience. I create involvement, awareness for the topic and strive to create learning opportunities so that everyone takes something individual with them that will motivate them to do something different starting tomorrow!

Ms Schlaepfer's keynotes have been noted for integrating these particular aspects:

  • Current and relevant business topics
  • Interactive presentation
  • Use of examples, stories, and anecdotes from business practice
  • Latest innovations
  • Handouts with further information
  • and of course the fun factor!

Karla Schlaepfer succeeded in conveying the difficult topic in a compelling and motivating way and in providing the participants with practical tips and techniques. She demonstrated the art of playful reflection, which includes humorous, psychological as well as philosophical aspects. On top of this, she created an inviting, trusting atmosphere right from the start.

– Dr. med. Sabine Schonert-Hirz

Benefits of Enabling LeadershipLeaders eat last


Agile approaches, such as Scrum, are based on an understanding of the individual as an expert for him or herself. Those leaders, who embrace this stance, view people as capable and meet others at a respectful eye-level in an appreciative manner, earn great trust. Leaders must be guided by values, attitudes and maxims that foster heedful interpretations and patterns that form the collective mind.

It is all about shaping and developing the potential of the individual and creating the right conditions for self-organizing teams to grow stronger and nudged towards high-performance. This is how visions can be transformed into high-value products. High levels of commitment increase performance. The new leadership culture reflects the values of the company: team development is “empowerment”, enabling empowerment is leadership.

Ms Schlaepfer’s eynotes focus on the balanced interaction between corporate culture (climate, trust), development (process and method) and organization (structure).

  • Introduction to Scrum. Framework structure for continuous improvement, teamwork and reduction of complexity.
  • Lightening Decision Jam – short interactive format to solve a challenge.
  • Using Design Thinking to bring about change and innovation in organizations.
  • Agile Mindset. 5 pillars of agile transformation.
  • Modern organizations need inspiring goals and visions. Simon Sinek's Golden Circle – leadership principles for meaningful action.
  • Digital transformation can only succeed with each other – How Game Changer and Salutogenesis work together. Well-being in the foreground.
  • Culture Code: The secret of highly successful groups. The Island Effect – 3 things we can learn about teamwork.

We will be happy to send you a first outline on request. The keynote can be adapted to your current challenges.

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