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Sometimes it just has to be more. Our network consists of innovative and lateral thinkers, experienced coaches, digital facilitators, agile experts, designers, developers and UXers. They are experts in agile methods such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, New Work, Scrum, Systemic Coaching, and Legal Agility. In all disciplines they bring user-centricity, agile collaboration and individual solutions to your organization – if you let us.

Key Facts and Understanding


On more than 200 pages, we have developed in our non-fiction book, a visionary concept of how value-shift, innovational product development and digitalisation lead to success. We discussed our concept and proposed strategies on how to build the "dynamic company" with over 30 thought leaders in Silicon Valley and with leading European experts. Fascinating reading!

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“Schlaepfer and Welz ask the important questions in their book and also give the right answers. To do this, they have sifted through vast amounts of literature and held numerous discussions with experts. Case studies loosen up the textbook.”

– Damian Sicking/Management Journal

Our Schäffer-Poeschel reference book is presented here on a new website: The dynamic company. How value change, innovation and digitalization lead to success

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Over 100 blog posts – from culture to agile – here in the archive.

Partners and freelance partners

  • Denkmotor, Zurich
  • Diffferent, Berlin
  • FreshBiz Facilitator, Tel Aviv
  • Haufe Coaching
  • Legal Liquid Insititute e.V.
  • Talent Futures London, Executive Leadership Coaching



The Sound of Wind of Change by Johannes Karst

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„… We wanted to work on our challenges with agile methods. In this respect, I found found the perfect moderator for us. With a lot of charm, expertise and experience, Karla made sure that we were able to work on all our issues in an lively and interactive manner with excellent results.“

– Oliver Welsch, CPO epilots

Practical NetworkingInnovation Professional Meet-up

Since 2013, Karla has been organising a meeting for free thinkers, design thinking enthusiasts and agile activists. We meet several times a year to exchange ideas in different companies in and around Cologne. The main thing is to share our ideas freely and to help each other out with feedback, though the eating, drinking and fun part is just as important!

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