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Design Sprints

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In a Nutshell

What is it? A process to quickly solve challenges, develop new products or improve existing ones. Developed and used by Google Ventures.

Duration? A Design Sprint typically takes 4–5 days.

Remote? Yes! Virtual Design Sprints are possible: Here is a report.

For how many? Optimally, a team of 6–10 people.

Why use a Design Sprint? It is no longer enough to have a "good quality product", you must have the right product. Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort or if your value proposition is really valid. Don’t invest months of time, invest a week.

Are you ready? Making a case for Design Sprint 2.0

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The Google Design Sprint takes hold where traditional planning and management tools are no longer sufficient to respond to our complex, digitalized VUKA world. The Sprint process is a synergic method combining elements of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and agile product development. It compresses months of work into 4-5 days by balancing healthy time pressure (with timeboxing), dynamic teamwork, user feedback, and a rapid (either digital or physical) prototype. Design Sprint 2.0 is perfect for situations where you need fast real-world output. With this peek into the future, you have quality customer feedback and can adjust before investing more resources in potentially the wrong direction of a new product or service.

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This week makes the differenceThe Design Sprint is essentially a 4-5 day intensive hackathon


All you need for a Design Sprint - apart from the eagerness to produce verifiable results and enthusiasm for new, agile ways of working and thinking - is an open, interdisciplinary team and just 4 to 5 days. Or how about a virtual Design Sprint? The Sprint phases can be carried out assyncronously with several days in between sessions.

Then the Sprint 2.0 mode can look like this:

  • On Monday we interview customer experts about your challenge and define the sprint goal.
  • Tuesday we sketch solutions and select the best ones.
  • Wednesday we work out the realistic, often digital prototypes.
  • Thursday we test with the target group. Immediate insight is guaranteed.
  • Friday is for the retrospective, i.e. the learnings, and the concrete plan for the next steps.

The outcome? The result of each Design Sprint week is a highly interactive prototype that has been tested by real users and provides clear insights into where to go next.

By the way: An iteration sprint in the following week is recommended.

AJ&Smart have renewed the Google Design SprintThe successful Berlin innovation agency that educates


Design Sprint 2.0 after AJ&Smart is an updated version of the Google Design Sprint. This agency works directly with the inventor of Google Design Sprint, Jake Knapp, to ensure that Design Sprint 2.0 is always the best version, not just what you find in the "Design Sprint" book. Karla Schlaepfer completed the online AJ&Smart master class in 2020 and is now excited to offer Design Sprints and Remote Design Sprints. To give customers their first experience of sprinting, she offers a short exercise of about two hours, the Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ). This is a flexible combination of exercises that breaks down the best problem-solving processes in the world to their absolute essence.

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How does a Design Sprint really work?Co-creation with listeners!

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Here you can read how Deutschlandfunk used a Design Sprint and Design Thinking to create innovative digital products. Click here for our case study article.

What is a Virtual Design Sprint?Sprint from your home office

The “Global Virtual Design Sprint” (GVDS) was created to show what practitioners and professionals can achieve in a virtual design sprint environment. GVDS has developed into a platform that offers interested parties the opportunity to learn and practice the design sprint process while working together on different projects for example on social welfare but also new business models.

Read here about Karla’s sprint for a pilot project for refugees and see above for our TikTok team film with our theme song!

Learn everything you need to know to perform a REMOTE Design Sprint with this Remote Sprint Guide

What is the story of the design sprint?Success from the start

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The Google Design Sprint is a method invented by Jake Knapp. To standardize innovation, he created a structured, week-long process for Google Ventures that frames the Design Thinking approach. Instead of spending months brainstorming, meetings and organizing, the Google Design Sprint reduces work to the essentials. The process has been successfully implemented with hundreds of companies and start-ups. Not only software companies like Twitter and Slack, but also service providers and publishers like Cornelsen, manufacturers like Lego and Tetra Pack and organizations like United Nations and the British Musuem benefited from it.

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