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What is Creativity really? Creativity is a connective ability. Used as a skill, creativity taps into our “inner” pool of natural resources like knowledge, insights, experience that we have accumulated over the years, and combines in novel ways to find answers. Creativity can be simply triggered because we all have it. How? With creativity tips and tools for example. And by being open, curious, ready to try out new thought patterns, and combining these intrinsic resources in new ways.

Duration? 1–2 days, online sessions are generally shorter (2–3 hours). Individual coaching too!

Remote? Yes! Your online training and creativity workshops can be easily conducted online. Let’s talk to each other! We’ll come up with answers.

For how many? Individuals and small teams of 7–12 people are ideal.

Why and what is the goal? In this creativity training, you will be familiarized with systematic methods and inspiring approaches to coming up with new ideas and answers that will help you solve your business challenges. On request, we can use creative tools to generate answers to your individual challenges and turn these ideas into an action plan. I work together with the bestseller authors from Denkmotor and employ techniques and material from their Creativity book.

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“I recommend Frau Schlaepfer without reservation. Her creative approach and her positive attitude sparked a very good response from the participants.”

– Dr. B. Eickhoff / Head of Public Relations, Press Officer

“Karla Schlaepfer shows a high degree of empathy and structure at the same time. What distinguishes her is her creativity, which she uses in a goal-oriented manner. She provides a great deal of technical and methodological know-how.”

– R. Hinkelmann, Managing Director

Creativity as a catalyst for teamworkDiscover talents. Using strengths.

How can something new be created when habitual thinking, fear of making mistakes and deadlocked systems seem to block forward-thinking? Activate creative thinking! Creativity is a skill that when activated can be used to spark motivation and elicit openness, as well as curiosity, and a learning attitude. All necessary ingredients for innovation. And if the innovation process Design Thinking is considered something like the spiritual father or mother of all agile methods, then a creative approach to thinking itself provides the basic nutrient for successful innovation.

Creativity is an important catalyst for questioning existing patterns and breaking them down into new manageable pieces. The creative process when used for problem solving requires a disciplined alternation between rational and imaginative thinking, each is supported by different networks in the brain.

Using concrete practical examples and different kinds of creative techniques that cater to these different thinking patterns, participating teams are invited to switch off their inner autopilot and try out alternative ways of thinking, playing and acting. With a motivating mixture of background information and storytelling, participants' innovative ability, and flow are unleashed and can be used for complex problem-solving and fresh perspectives.

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Discover your CreativityGet flashed with creative thinking

In DesignChange creativity workshop, you'll get to know the various established creativity techniques and methods in a structured format. Our aim is to provide you with a good understanding of how to activate creativity when you need it. Using creativity tools, you'll be able to ensure a link between the workshop exercises and establish a connection to your daily business practices.

DesignChange Creativity Workshop covers:

  • Thought structure and pattern formation of the brain
  • Creativity as a process and creative thinking is the basis for innovation
  • Recognizing and overcoming creativity barriers
  • What is creative "flow" and how do I create it?
  • Playful trying out and experimenting as the key to innovation

“I especially liked your approach that you use with your creative working methods to try to involve the quiet people in a group more and not just the ‘market barkers’. This is very important in teamwork and is often neglected in everyday office life.”

– Dr. Michael Faatz, LL.M., legal counsel

“Ms. Schlaepfer knows how to respond to individual customer wishes and, in addition to theory, she also teaches many interesting approaches to the topics of learning, creative thinking and concentration.”

– Michael Imiolczyk, CTO Ip.labs

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