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➡ Collaboration is key.New Legal Teamwork is Growing

By Karla Schlaepfer
Event, Workshop, User Research, Remote Teams

Do you have 30-minutes to contribute to the future of remote legal working?✨

The unexpected drives us on. We’re curious and would like to talk with you in a short interview about your EXPERIENCES WITH REMOTE TEAM WORK IN THE FIELD OF LAW.

In our white paper, we present 5 hypotheses about what this change involves. These insights are only part of the story. We’ve decided to verify our hunches with actual user-research. WE WANT TO TALK WITH YOU!

Our BIG question is: What do remote teams need to become amazing? My recent LinkedIn article deals specifically with the purposeful mindset shifts and deliberate cultural changes involved to boost high-performing remote teamwork. Useful background info for all remote working. Tips and tricks. Here a link to the post.

What’s the law specific angle?

This is showcased in the white paper (written @ Baltasar Cevc) and available for download from Liquid Legal Institute e.V. In our paper, Remote Legal Teamwork, we tackle tough questions like risk and propose enabling frameworks and best-practices from a remote legal team perspective. We propose 5 hypotheses that we want to test in our upcoming user research phase.

🚩 Click here to get your free copy of the white paper. It is 7- pages packed with insights including an appendix, nice visuals and a curated resource list on GitHub for making remote work better

Want to know more?

The Liquid Legal Institute is an open and interdisciplinary platform for promoting a new way of thinking in the legal sector. See Interdisciplinary teamwork (like ours!) powers more agility, different insights and innovative takes on the future of the legal industry.


Workflows in legal corporations are changing constantly. Lawyers should know how to employ technological means to collaborate with their team and customers, providing them with the best service and creating the highest business and new value for their clients.

Let’s start the conversation Together with @Astrid Kohlmeier we’re offering a Live User-Research session at the LLExperience at the Anwaltszukunftskongress in end of September!

Write us here if you have questions or comments:

We’re looking forward to talking with you!
Karla Schlaepfer