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Better Communication

By Karla Schlaepfer
Coaching, Personal Development, Leadership Skill

A 4-Step Approach to making Impact with your Pitch!

Crafting Compelling Pitches Made Simple

In today’s professional landscape, effective communication is a crucial skill, regardless of whether your job description includes “marketing” or “sales”.

As a leader, your ability to pitch your ideas, concepts, and perspectives in a persuasive manner is a hugely valuable asset that you can continually use and polish 🌟🤝

Here’s a straightforward four-step formula to help you create concise, relevant, and impactful pitches – and elevator pitches - without resorting to tactics or awkward gimmicks:

  1. “What if you could …” Begin by painting a vivid picture of what your product, service, or idea can make possible.
  2. “So that …” Establish a connection between your vision and a meaningful, relevant goal for your audience.
  3. “For example …“ Elaborate on your vision by providing concrete examples and illustrating how it can be applied in real-life situations.
  4. “And that’s not all …” Demonstrate the idea’s potential by describing how it can evolve and grow in the future.

These steps will empower you to deliver pitches that “hook” your audience and drive your message home effectively 🙌

Reach out to me Karla Schlaepfer, professional coach, to learn ways of optimizing pitches and presentations to create emotional impact with your audience.

Karla Schlaepfer