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Active New Work in Virtual RealityLiquid Legal Institute Taskforce takes a virtual leap 👉🏽🤸🏽👏🏽

By Karla Schlaepfer
Event, Coaching, Metaverse

Approaching new VR spaces in a step-by-step practical way. Get your coach guide to the Metaverse.

Time is a precious commodity. Having a knowledgeable guide to show you around a new city or museum helps you focus on the highlights without much effort. This is also the case with virtual reality spaces and collaborative working platforms in the metaverse.

Each of these metaverse VR platforms offers different ways to do things like moving, writing and communicating. To do and use these things effectively, you have to get familiar with the tech and the tools fast so you can highlight and take in what is important for you and your work.

Yes jumping into a virtual reality platform requires more courage to experiment and mental agility than visiting a museum (!) This is one reason this Virtual Reality (VR) initiative is so in sync with the digital mindset that is such an important part of the #Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) culture.

I’m delighted the Liquid Legal Virtual Taskforce has started getting fit in VR for the future. They are committed to acquiring the necessary skills to provide orientation for open-minded lawyers. Learning about VR is helpful but there is no substitute for direct experience.

Approaching new virtual perspectives in a step-by-step practical way makes finding your way around the many VR collaboration platforms like Glue so much easier. Here a recent example:

I prepped our LLI session in Glue and designed a mini-exploration tour. Providing assistance as the coach and guide to let folks upgrade their experiential knowledge step by step.

The participants read and carried out my post-it clues in several spectacular Glue spaces (think of a kind of a “Schnitzel Jagd” or scavenger hunt in the mountains). These clues determined the way and enabled them to move forward while trying things out and practicing what they need to know to feel comfortable navigating in this virtual space.

Kai’s feedback: “My daughter said on the very first day of settling into daycare, ‘I can do this all by myself’, and she could do a lot of things – yet we were reassured that the daycare teachers were watching over her. I feel the same way about the Metaverse: I can do it on my own – but I feel more comfortable when Karla is with me!“

Get your coach guide and get your own upskilling started. Got my Crocodile Dundee hat on and looking forward to more virtual reality explorations!


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